Money & ADHD

We can all thrive financially

financial confidence

You can THRIVE financially with ADHD, in both your personal and business life. Managing your finances can be fun, easy and actually something you look forward to. An initial focus on the psychological factors at play, sets the foundation for improved financial confidence and management.

unmet needs

When ADHD mixes with our money it can make money management more challenging. This may be due to emotional dysregulation, difficulty planning and so on. This can cause anxiety, stress and result in impulse spending, missed bills and much more...
Many of the financial support available focuses on the things you have to do and not the underlying psychological needs.

holistic money solutions

We start with you - your needs and values, and build financial SOLUTIONS that work with how you work, instead of forcing you to adapt to pre-made rigid systems... that do not work.

We help you build financial processes that empower you and make managing money easy (and fun!)

  • Improve financial confidence and self-efficacy

  • Control impulse spending and reduce ADHD tax

  • Lower money-related anxiety and unnecessary debt

  • Gain financial control and better money management

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You do not have to be clinically diagnosed, simply suspecting or feeling you may have ADHD is enough.

We are a group of Finance experts, ADHD Specialists, and Doctors, many of which are diagnosed with ADHD or are Neurodiverse in other ways. We're all committed to supporting others financially thrive.

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